LootSafe: A crypto exchange dashboard

LootSafe is an online trading community of gamers and provides a means for trading game coins between users.

LootSafe Dashboard

UI Design, Visual Design

LootSafe is a group of gamers and programers who hace developed a unique concept that can be a valuable tool for anyone who plays online viceo games. Video game players that LootSafe wanted to target are those you acrue large amounts of game coins. Game coins are any type of currency gained by winning points. This currency can be traded and thus the need for a system like LootSafe. LootSafe enables these players to trade game coins through blockchain technology.

Intended Outcomes

To create a visual design for the LootSafe dashboard and to have the visual design be contemporary to that of current game consoles. The visual design was handed off to the team of developers and all visual design was based off of CSS properties so they could be easily implemented. If need be I was to provide the HTML wireframe and CSS attributes.


My process consisted of recreating several iterations of their dashboard from provided wireframes. Live version: Coming Soon.


I wanted to be certain to create a contemporary design that aligns with what the client wanted but also what was expected by users. I was afraid that my limited knowledge of the gaming community would prevent me from hitting the design mark.

Iterative Designs
Final UI