Fast Taxi

Fast Taxi App: An app for a regional taxi service

A new interface design for a historical company.

Fast Taxi Web App

UI Design, Visual Design

Fast Taxi, a historical, regional taxi service needed a way for clients to contact them and arrange a taxi service with the touch of a button. But they also required messaging capabilities, a calendar and a direct line to drivers to dispatch. The goal was to enable users to reach the taxi service while on the go. This was important to have a large key visual indicator and organization with color. It was intended for use of the app to be on the go. Users also have the ability to create a user profile and save favorite locations.

Intended Outcomes

To create a visual design for the Fast Taxi Web App to be delivered to the engineering team.


I was tasked with a branding redesign and app UI design. the process I followed was existing demographic research and competitive research combine with current UI design practices also taken from industry leaders. Next steps included wireframing, click through mockups for company based user testing and high fidelity mockups. All design assets were delivered with Zeplin. I also included a creative brief with some HTML and CSS snippets which was delivered via PDF.


I wanted to create an app that was easy to use so I color coordinated actionable items to achieve fast recognition for use on the go.

Animated Mock-Up

Specific actions were recreated for in-house reviews.


Fast Taxi Mobile App